What More Do We Need?

Afjlo_leb_19334_617ter ranking in 88th place (out of a possible 94) tied with Sri Lanka, Kosovo and Sudan in Henley and Partners’ global ranking index for 2013,        which ranks countries based on their citizens’ freedom of travel, Lebanese citizens thought it can’t go much downhill from there…or can it?z

According to Global Firepower (GFP), which provides data concerning today’s world military powers, Lebanon came in 66th position from a      possible 68. On a brighter note, we are on par with Mongolia (no water borders) in terms of Submarine Fleet Strength and much ahead of Kenya   when it comes to Total Mortar Strength (one of the few listed weapon that can be used in civil wars)!

But wait, there’s more. Beirut International Airport has failed to make the top 10 Busiest Arab airports in 2013. Albeit Dubai coming in at first    position is not surprising to anyone, but losing our place to cities such as Muscat and Sharjah (with all due respect)…I mean all we had to show for   was our hospitality and tourism! Only less than 4 years ago Beirut was recommended as the first place to visit by the New York Times. Today, we can’t even make the top 10 Arab airports. Hey, at least J Lo carried the Lebanese flag during her concert in Dubai!

What more do we need?


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