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A Father’s Letter to his Daughter: Perfect

A powerful, inspiring, and heart touching story. This segment from the ESPN show E:60 is nothing less than a fascinating, life changing tale. Heath White, a military man, marathon runner, and all-around success story, was suddenly faced with a choice. During his wife’s second pregnancy, Heath discovered that his new daughter would be born less than perfect, […]

Confessions of an FC Barcelona Fan

Finally, and after what seemed to be an endless transfer saga, the Spanish giant Real Madrid has lured Welsh striker Gareth Bale away from Tottenham Hotspur for a world-record transfer fee of $132 million (or €100 million). Even before the deal was confirmed, insiders rushed to condemn it. However, one of the sturdiest criticizers was […]

Soccer is Gay, Football is Homophobic

On May 29th, 2013 Robbie Rogers became one of the first openly gay male to compete in a major US professional team sport. The Los Angeles Galaxy, a Major League Soccer (as referred to the game in the US) team, midfielder was greeted by cheers from a crowd of 25,000 in Carson, California. The American […]

The “Special One’s” Hips Don’t Lie

El Clasico (The Classic) is the name given to any game between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. The rivalry between these 2 teams dates back to more than 80 years ago and is identified with opposing political positions as so much history is in the balance. Simply, it is the biggest rivalry in the world […]