Brace yourselves. The latest viral music hit has arrived. It’s called “The Fox,” an infuriatingly infectious song by Ylvis, a pair of Norwegian variety show brothers. The video is intended to promote the upcoming Sept. 10 premiere of their talk show, though it’s safe to say “The Fox” has already extended far beyond the show’s normal […]

Alyssa Milano is a renowned American actress, producer and former singer, best known for portraying Samantha Micelli on the series Who’s the Boss?, Phoebe Halliwell on the television series Charmed, and Jennifer Mancini on the soap opera Melrose Place. However, lately she has become more famous for something slightly different. Finally, a “leaked” Alyssa Milano sex tape! Okay, so maybe “leaked” isn’t the […]

لي ما حضر أخبار الجديد مبارح ما حضر شي. إضافة ممتازة للمادة الإعلامية، إضافة أبعاد عدد ثلاثة وسيقان عدد إثنان. ولكن أين تكمن الإشكالية؟ كيف اتفقت الابعاد الثلاثية والتكنولوجيا مع بلاغة وفصاحة ورومانسية مريم البسام الشعرية. حسب ما مبين من دروس الجغرافيا عن عالم الجنوب وعالم الشمال , التفاوت التقني بين الCNN والجديد كتير واضح، ولكن […]

Finally, and after what seemed to be an endless transfer saga, the Spanish giant Real Madrid has lured Welsh striker Gareth Bale away from Tottenham Hotspur for a world-record transfer fee of $132 million (or €100 million). Even before the deal was confirmed, insiders rushed to condemn it. However, one of the sturdiest criticizers was […]

تواترت إعلامياً في الأونة الأخيرة معلومات موثقة حول ضربة أمريكية قريبة و حتمية لسورية. يأتي هذا في سياق حملة دولية مشددة على النظام السوري بعد المجزرة الكيماوية في الغوطة الشرقية حيث قتل ما يزيد عن ألف مواطن تأثراً بغاز السارين. أضف إلى ذلك ضربتين سابقتين من قبل إسرائيل على موقعين في سورية دون أي رد […]

Eminent lawyer Howard W. Hunter claimed: “Motherhood is near to divinity. It is the highest holiest service to be assumed by mankind.” Cougar is a slang term referring to a woman who seeks sexual relations with considerably younger men. On Mother’s day (second Sunday in May) 2013, a billboard for the dating website appeared on Sunset Boulevard, […]

On May 29th, 2013 Robbie Rogers became one of the first openly gay male to compete in a major US professional team sport. The Los Angeles Galaxy, a Major League Soccer (as referred to the game in the US) team, midfielder was greeted by cheers from a crowd of 25,000 in Carson, California. The American […]